5 natural remedies to treat hives on arms

Do you have hives? Are you wondering why there are itchy red bumps on your hands? Worry not; hives is a common skin condition affecting 20% of the world’s population. The majority of the time, hives is a manifestation of an allergic reaction triggered by food or medication. Physical factors such as cold, heat, sun and water may trigger allergic reaction too. Much less often, hives that persist for more than six weeks are caused by autoimmune diseases that affect mast cells which in turn release histamine that forms hives.

Before describing available remedies to hives, the first treatment is a diagnosis. This is to rule any autoimmune disease triggering the hives. Tests are done mostly to check for parasites in blood and urine. Under certain conditions, your doctor may also perform an X-ray of the chest and teeth. Hives caused by diseases can only be cured by treating the disease itself. If the test is negative from the workup, then the following five natural remedies will treat hives on your arms.

  1. Find out what is triggering hives

Have you noticed itchy feeling on your skin every time you take a plate of your delicious scrambled eggs? If you feel like scratching your arms after eating or taking medication, that is the cause of urticaria (the medical term for hives). Sometimes it is tricky to identify what type of food your body is reacting to. The unfortunate thing here is that there is no other way. Even if it means letting go of your favorite dish or snack, just do it. Or would you rather forego wearing your fancy top than eliminating those annoying bumps on your arm? I guess not.

  1.    Always moisturize your arms properly

Hives can be triggered by dry skin. Itchiness is a symptom of dry skin. People with dry skin find themselves scratching their skin unknowingly. Moisturizing the skin ensures that the skin does not lose water and that it retains its essential minerals. Drinking the recommended amount of water every day will also hydrate your skin and keep it healthy. Regular drinking of alcohol slowly dehydrates your body. Slow down your drinking habits and if it is impossible, take more than the daily amount of water recommended for drinking.

  1.    Apply sunscreen before going out in strong sunlight

Though rare, solar urticaria is triggered by ultra violet radiation. You may have stopped taking what you think is causing hives, but still, they are not going away. Some people who are photosensitive get bumps after few minutes of exposure to the sun. There are others who get hives after prolonged exposure to the sun. It is best to use organic sunscreens to prevent solar urticaria.

  1.    Organic apple cider vinegar

As we get older, the stomach acid production decreases with time. Low stomach acidity slows down digestion therefore high protein foods get partially digested. The partly digested food is absorbed into the blood evoking an allergic reaction. Due to this, histamine is produced and getting hives becomes unavoidable. Many health professionals link low stomach acidity to hives and many other skin disorders. Taking two spoonfuls of organic apple cider vinegar in water before meals help in balancing the stomach PH, therefore, enhancing digestion. People who mixed cider vinegar in water before meals have reported a significant reduction in hives.

  1.   Oatmeal baths

Soaking yourself in oatmeal baths 30 minutes a day will reduce your hives significantly. Oatmeal is rich in antioxidants and essential minerals that keep our skin healthy. It is a great moisturizer that works to maintain the skin flawless including eradication of hives. It has a chemical composition that works to inhibit histamine triggers and slow down its inflammatory action on the skin. One can never go wrong with oatmeal baths. Not only will the cereal treat your hives but it will also keep your skin in good health.

A severe hives outbreak could cause an emotional trauma of appearing in public places and social gatherings. Some people may feel embarrassed and feel someone is looking at their hives. If you are suffering from this skin condition, the remedies mentioned here will keep you free from urticaria outbreak.